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Vino Frizzante

Tasting notes

Fine and elegant Cuvée with an aroma of fruit and white flowers and an effervescent and harmonious flavour, it goes well with fish and pasta dishes.

Grape variety

the sparkling white wine Fioroso is a cuvée of white wines from vineyards located in the North-East.


North East Italy


once they reach the perfect maturity the grapes are harvested and vinified. The must is cooled and clarified by flotation. After the alcoholic fermentation, the new wine is cooled at a temperature between 10°C and 12°C and after 8 days it is decanted, obtaining a sparkling white wine base.

Sparkling vinification process

the white wine base is sterile filtered, the necessary sugars and selected yeasts suitable for the production of effervescent wines are added and it is placed in a tank (autoclave) to ferment for a second time and achieve the desired overpressure, which is usually between 2.00 and 2.50 atm.


straw yellow, a good froth is produced when filling the glass followed by a pleasant presence of bubbles.


fine, elegant, with hints of fruit (golden delicious apple and ripe fruit) and white flowers (hawthorn, wisteria).


cheerfully acidic and effervescent, appropriately soft, slightly savoury, but in its overall harmony the high note comes from the perlage.

Alcohol content

11% vol.

Optimal serving temperature


Wine Technical Sheet (pdf)
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must be stored in a cool place and preferably in the dark.

excellent alone as an aperitif with various snacks. Ideal to accompany all fish and first courses in general.

in 75 cl bottles in 6 bottle boxes.

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